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Abundant products, guaranteed quality, reasonable pricing, supreme service


An Overwhelming Support

A Platform Strongly Recommended By Guangzhou Jin Wang Machinery.

In terms of the product quality standard of Jin Wang Machinery, the operator of Zenzun collaborates in manufacturing and sales by selecting reliable suppliers in the market. Ensuring the price to be reasonable and in the meantime providing after-sale service equivalent to the Jin Wang brand; eliminating any concern after purchasing our products.


Comprehensive Product Categories

Collection of Different Types of Aluminum Window and Door Machines

Abundant categories, include cutting machine, crimping machine, milling machine, glass cleaning machine and Aluminum furniture specialized machine; there will be new products leading the market’s development and enabling our customers to have an all-in-one window and door machinery sourcing experience. Furthermore we will consistently recruit more high quality products. There won't be door and window machines unattainable, only unexpected.


A Standardized and Efficient Management Style

Three Major Unified and Standardized Management

Unified supplier sources, unified personnel arrangement, and unified marketing management. By utilizing these three major standards, we ensure the quality of products sold in all of our locations to be consistently reliable and after-sales service to be guaranteed; as a result we establish a robust branding. Focusing on the same goal, together we will achieve something GREAT.


A Mighty Marketing Network

Strive to Establish Ourselves in All Major Cities in China

Our company endeavors to open up market in all major domestic cities in order to get closer with customers, so that customers don’t have to hike to purchase genuine door and window processing machines. Our goal is to open up store in every major city and gradually establish the strongest chain platform.


A Diverse Means of Promotions

Online and offline promotion

We promote through networking, news, media, advertisement, and tradeshow; furthermore through conjoining online and offline promotion method, we efficiently promote the brand and products to the most ideal degree.


Resolve Any Concern for You

A Robust After-Sales System

We have an enormous after-sales service team, radiating all major marketing network. Our company carries out the principle of “customer first, quality oriented”, the goal of “people oriented, constantly striving for perfection”, as well as providing SUPREME service to all of our customers.


Abundant products, guaranteed quality, reasonable pricing, supreme service


Abundant products, guaranteed quality, reasonable pricing, supreme service

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Guangzhou Jin Wang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

The "Zenzun" Door and Window Machine Chain Platform is subordinate to the Guangzhou Jin Wang Machinery, whom business development mode is in the form of door and window equipment chain distributor. The products mainly include the cutting equipment series, the angle crimping equipment series, the drilling and milling equipment series, the glass cleaning equipment series, and the aluminum furniture machinery equipment series.
      Upon the arrival of a new era and innovation of enterprise development, the Zenzun chain platform has risen through the integration and optimization of resources. The platform will have an unified decoration style for all facades, an unified management system, an unified purchase channels, and full personnel configuration. By gathering all different types of door and window equipment, Zenzun enables customers having an all-in-one window and door machinery sourcing experience. In Zenzun, customers are guaranteed of purchasing genuine door and window equipment, as well as receiving SUPREME service.

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